Monday, 28 November 2011

List of Psychological thrillers

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Psychological thriller is a specific sub-genre of the broad ranged thriller with heavy focus on characters. However, it often incorporates elements from the mystery and drama genre, along with the typical traits of the thriller genre. In addition to drama and mystery, Many psychological thrillers contain elements of, and often overlap with, the horror genre, particularly psychological horror.

Characters are no longer reliant on physical strength to overcome their brutish enemies (which is often the case in typical action-thrillers), but rather are reliant on their mental resources, whether it be by battling wits with a formidable opponent or by battling for equilibrium in the character's own mind.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Thriller Soundtracks

Thrillers mainly consist of sub-genres of metal, for example; Freddy vs jason has these songs:
  1. "How Can I Live" - Ill Niño (3:18)
  2. "When Darkness Falls" - Killswitch Engage (4:02)
  3. "Beginning of the End" - Spineshank (3:32)
  4. "Sun Doesn't Rise" - Mushroomhead (3:13)
  5. "Condemned Until Rebirth" - Hatebreed (2:07)
  6. "Snap" - Slipknot (2:42)
  7. "Army of Me" - Chimaira (4:21)
  8. "The After Dinner Payback" - From Autumn To Ashes (2:50)
  9. "Leech" - Sevendust (4:30)
  10. "Bombshell" - Powerman 5000 (3:14)
  11. "Welcome to the Strange" - Murderdolls (4:19)
  12. "Out of My Way" - Seether (3:51)
  13. "Inside the Cynic" - Stone Sour (3:23)
  14. "Swinging the Dead" - DevilDriver (3:38)
  15. "The Waste" - Sepultura with Mike Patton (3:39)
  16. "Middle of Nowhere" - The Blank Theory (4:05)
  17. "Ether" - Nothingface (3:43)
  18. "Trigger" - In Flames (4:56)
  19. "11th Hour" - Lamb of God (3:44)
  20. "(We Were) Electrocute" - Type O Negative (6:49)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Although this video is 7 minutes long, I will only focus on the first 2 or 3 minutes (even though the last bit is the best)

The mise en scene at the opening of the film is of a drugs lab, the camera pans, zooms, and tracks the creation of extacy. there is a medium close up of a man in a lab suit, placing us in quite a modern setting.
This scene also cuts to shots of a police briefing, where there are men all "geared up" ready for conflict and a foreign man in a suit with prostitutes on his bed. the prostitutes are used to emphasis this mans ruthlessness and power as they are scared when they confidently fire his gun.
The snapping in and out of the shots of the police creates an enigma, as the viewer wants to know what is going to happen. (obviously, they should be able to link it to the drugs at the start) but the viewer wants to know what will happen during this drugs raid.