Friday, 21 October 2011


During filming, we made a few continuity errors, like wearing a hoodie for one day of filming, and not having the next time, so half the time we had a character walking round in different clothes which doesnt make any sence.

something we did quite well, was getting decent shots. there is one shot in a toilet cubical, where we used a high angle shot lookiing down on a character who is going to take what he thinks is drugs, he later finds out he was "stitched".

next time we film, we need to make sure people wear the same things on days of filming, and should probably work on the sound quality, seeing as that was pretty poor.

during this process, I learned that the smallest mistakes can ruin the intire film.

Sunday, 16 October 2011


I have nearly finished editing my short, 2 minute film... its not very good, but I added some comical music to liven it up a bit... the editing is now finished, it just needs to be exported now. (will put some screenshots in when i have the programme in front of me)


im going to take some photos of the storyboard when i get hold of it, then i'll put them on here, but the story board is MIA at this point in time.