Friday, 9 September 2011

Welcome to my super cool blog.

Why have i chosen media?
I have chosen media, as I took t as a BTEC and was probably my favourate subject.

What other subjects have I chosen?
I have chosen maths, english literature and business.

Who is my favourate band?
My favourate band is "Bring Me The Horizon" as I love their Brutality.

What is my favourate TV programme?
My favourate TV programme is Southpark, because it is funny.

Who is my favourate director?
Guy richie, as I loved "Lock stock and two smoking barrels" and "snatch".

What is my favourate magazine?
Kerrang! as it is about my genre of music.

Whats My favourate website to read?
Sickapeadia, 'cos its siiick.